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I’m creating digital experiences since 2000.

I humanise technology looking a little deeper into how people think and act. Discover and define a problem, then empathetically design the solution for people and business.

I am adaptable and have a love for learning. My background is Web and Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer. I Love my Family, Mondays and my Life.


User Experience Design The way a product feels

I create the product’s logic. I love user research and user testing. I’m people driven as well as data influenced. I enhance people’s satisfaction with a product by refining the usability, accessibility, and pleasure given in the interaction between a person and a product.

Interaction Design The way a product behaves

I think about what the interface does after a person touches it, speaks to it, or looks at it — I make interactive experiences. I prototype and do user testing. I create animations, transitions, and other interactivity to guide and delight.

User Interface Design The way a product looks

I think about the interface elements: typography, buttons, headers, images, icons, voice, physical handles and buttons, etc; you name it. I make sure a person’s interaction with those elements is as efficient and straightforward as possible.

Information Architecture The way a product is structured and how the content is organised

I help with user flow, journey mapping, how a person performs and complete tasks — How they get from A to B.

Lead Front-End Development Make sure that product looks like is designed

I make sure that quality is excellent. Lead Front-End Development. Familiar with such as essential development (HTML, CSS, Javascript). QA, GUI Testing. Help with UX writing. Data analysis..

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